Sabbath Living in a Crazy World

Of late, I have been reading a great deal about Sabbath living…

As I do, I find myself both affirmed and convicted. You see, I have answered a calling to a profession that works on the day traditionally set aside as the Sabbath Day. The ministry is also a calling that makes it easy to ignore God’s calling for His people to set aside time for renewal and the unabashed enjoyment of His presence. Three worship services each week, multiple meetings of all sorts, emergencies (both real and imagined), as well as endless interruptions all make demands on my time. The end result of living this life is that it is far too easy for me to lose contact with the one who called me.

As a pastor, I often fall into the trap of believing that the busy life is a productive life. The “results” of my ministry (which I often believe are the results of MY efforts) depend on filling each and every day, as full as possible,  with the activities of pastoring (many of which I think we have allowed the world to define, rather than scripture) then moving on to the next jam-packed day.

Many times, I find myself desert-dust dry inside and out. Life lived in the crazy world leave me worn out, apathetic and emotionally done.

Sabbath living speaks to my need to draw my energy and my approval from God, who gave me life in the first place. Living life in the practice of Sabbath is the ultimate expression of trust in the provision of God. Sabbath living is the subversive attack on our cultures idolatry of production, busyness, and work-a-holism as the ultimate expressions of worth. Setting aside regular, uninterrupted time with God is the simple way of placing my personal trust in Him for the “results” of my efforts. Sabbath relishes in His presence as the opportunity for renewal refitting. Sabbath expresses my trust that God can use me more when I am whole in Him than He can when I am frazzled, tired, and emotionally done.

I eagerly look forward to a time of sabbatical this fall. I trust that during that unhurried time with family, with rest, with recreation, and with reflection, God will renew me in the core of my being…

I pray the same for you…

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