As many of you know, I was graced by God, last fall to spend three months on Sabbatical. That time was filled with family, with friends, with travel, and generally a time of unhurried connection with God.

As I travelled, (some 13,000 miles by car, 1600 by airplane, and 2200 by cruise ship), I witnessed amazing sites and creations. I saw amazing vistas and creations. I walked the grounds of 600 year old forts and climbed hillsides in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. I visited large cities and small towns. Of particular interest to be were certain historical sites.

For instance, in October, I visited Mount Rushmore, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. If you have never been there, Rushmore is a sight of the ingenuity and the power of man to take a mountain, and turn that mountain into a monument to the nation.

20160927_115427While I was taken by the size and the grandeur of this wonder, Mount Rushmore was one
of the least impressive sites I visited. Make no mistake, it is large, by human standards. The sculpture is an architectural and engineering wonder, by worldly standards. Yet, I was not as impressed by Rushmore as I had been in the past.

You see, to arrive at Mount Rushmore I had to drive through the Badlands National Park. I had visited this site many years ago. In my youth, I was not impressed by the wierd geological formations that arose from the plains of Western South Dakota. They just looked like mud hills to me.


As I drove through them this time, I was able to slow down and see the handiwork of God on display. In my minds eye, I could look down on the Badlands, from above, and see the whorls and ridges of the fingerprints of God. Next to the expanse and beauty of God’s creation in the Badlands, suddenly Mount Rushmore seemed small and unimpressive.

Two days later,  I turned off of the interstate and drove north up a small highway to see another site. This one I had only seen in pictures, Devils Tower, Wyoming. I began to get a small understanding of what I was about to witness when, I began to see the Tower some 25 miles distant. It grew larger and larger as I drove towards the monument. When I arrived at the National Park Visitors Center, located at the base of the Tower, I was overwhelmed with its beauty and the granduer of this Monument that soars up from the plains which surround it.


By all rights, Devil’s Tower should not be located where it is. There is nothing like it anywhere around. It is surrounded by the low, rolling hills of the Great Plains. This amazing wonder testifies to the creative power of our God.

What impressed me the most, during my journies, was not the creative might and power of man, but the power, the glory, and the graduer of the God who is creatively at work in the world today. While man raves, God reveals. God is evident in so many places and in so many ways. The handiwork of God reveals His glory and His grace.

I invite you to seek God in all of the places where He may be seen. Listen for the voice of God speaking in the limitless places where He may be heard.