Companions for the Journey

A month or so ago, I had the privilege of making a road trip to a Church Conference. That trip entailed spending the better part of four days in a van, with eight other people. We laughed together. We had close conversations with one another. We were inspired by worship, by workshops, and by the conversations we shared. All told, there is nearly 50 years of friendships represented among us.

Three AmigosIn the days since the road trip, we have deepened the bonds of friendship. Some of what we do is face to face. Some of the journey together is via connection through social media. What binds us together, other than laughter and a quirky sense of humor, is the friendship that God has given us.

These friendships have served to be an encouragement to my walk with God. Most days, I get a message from one, or more likely all of these friends God has given me. Many times the messages serve to make me laugh. (Who doesn’t need a good laugh these days?) Often, these guys are the safe place where I can vent, I can share my burdens, my struggles, my fears, my hopes, and my dreams. I know that these friends, these companions for the journey pray for me and hold me up before the Lord.

These friendships are a gift from God. They are companions for the journey.

The truth of the matter is, there are many of these people in my life. I find great encouragement in the knowledge that God has created us to live in community. In entering into the lives of others, we continue to grow in the image of God. On top of this, the road is easier.

I don’t know how many people will see this post. I hope my friends do. If you are my friend, you have been the source of God’s grace and encouragement in my life. Know that, even as I compose this post, I am praying for God’s blessing in your life. Thanks for being a companion in my journey through life.

It is my prayer for you that you not only have companions for the journey, but that you recognize those people, that you take the risk of opening yourself to them. In receiving this grace, my you be a companion that lightens someone else’s journey.