Moments of Silence

I took this image last month while on a hunting vacation in Colorado. I spent an entire week hunting with my son, my brother, and a dear friend in ministry. We spent the week together spending a significant amount of time out on the wide open prairie at sunrise and at sunset. The house we stayed in had no television, nor did we have access to a stereo or internet other than on our phones.

In a word, I spent a week in quiet, still, huge, screaming quiet.

The only things that broke the quietness were our conversations, our laughter, the sounds of grasshoppers, antelope talking, birds, the wind in our ears, and the volume of our own thoughts.

It was amazing, refreshing, and intimidating all at the same time. When you are quiet, there is nothing that interrupts you own stream of consciousness. Nothing drowns out your own thinking. You become aware of exactly where your mind is, where it goes, and where it is taking you. Even more, in the stillness you become acutely aware, if you are attentive, to the voice of the Holy Spirit of God in your soul. In the stillness of a sunset, God speaks to your harried spirit reminding you that you are God’s own…you are a beloved child of God. God’s voice comforts, corrects, leads, reminds, and communicates God’s character to our souls.

Too many people do not hear God’s voice to any significant degree. The rampant noise in our culture drowns out God’s leading and God’s comfort. The frenetic pace of our life chokes out the life of the Spirit that God longs to create in us. From the moment we rise in the morning until long after we close our eyes in sleep, our worlds are filled with noise as well as mental and spiritual clutter.

Perhaps the Psalmist really understood and knew what he was talking about when he penned those words in the 46th Psalm, “Be still and know that I am God…” Something profound and powerful happens when we cultivate moments of silence. When we de-clutter our minds and our souls, the voice of God has opportunity to reorient and to reform our lives.

I invite you to find moments of silence in your day. Breathe deeply the voice of the Holy Spirit. Turn moments into hours, hours into days and days into a week of restful reorienting quiet before God. See if God doesn’t do something powerful in your soul…

Anyway, that’s just my pondering…