Breathing wildfire smoke may raise risk of cardiac arrest | American Heart  Association
Smoke can cloud our vision and confuse our sense of direction

Recently, the Verde Valley, where I live, has been filled with smoke. There have been a number of wildfires in the surrounding area that have burned over 100,000 acres. Due to the topography of our area and the direction of the wind, smoke from those fires will literally fill our valley. At one and the same time, it has been terrifying and impressive.

As I was driving into my study one morning, I became aware that I could not see the Red Rocks of Sedona, just 18 miles away because of the heavy smoke. Now, understand, each day this is a treasured part of my journey, admiring the beauty and the grandeur of the area in which I live and thanking God for God’s creative handiwork. Not being able to see the Rocks was mildly disorienting.

As I drove northeast on Route 89A, I meditated on not being able to see my destination. I was reminded, that although I could not SEE where I was going, my destination lie on the route provided for me. The smoke that obscured my vision did not change the objective fact that the Red Rocks were there. While my vision was blocked, the objective reality of where I was going remained the same.

So many times circumstances of our life obscure our vision, disorient our senses and cause us consternation. We may even wonder if God is there. The reality is that even thought the circumstances would confuse us, the reality of God’s presence does not change. During those times when our vision is clouded, our task is to remain on the course charted for us. We must not deviate either left or right. Stay the course.

I don’t know what challenges you are facing today. Let me assure you that God cares, God is there, and God will guide your paths. Stay the course!

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