Coffee, rest, and sabbath

Anyone who knows me knows that I like coffee. Well, to be perfectly honest, I like GOOD coffee. I tend to enjoy bold, dark roasts that are done with premium beans from ethically sourced producers. I drink my coffee black and enjoy the deep rich notes of the roast.

Please understand, the way I like to enjoy my coffee the most is sitting in my lounger watching the sun come up in the mountains somewhere…or alongside a cool mountain trout stream. I really savor drinking in the mountain views while drinking the coffee whose beans I just ground to release their goodness. The stillness and the warmth of the coffee still my mind and renew the inner parts of my soul.

My idea of a perfect morning!

The ability to drink coffee in an unhurried manner, in a pastoral kind of setting is a mini-sabbath for me. My morning coffee is a renewing time for me. That unhurried time is a time for me to focus on the inner state of my being. In the stillness of the moment, I am able to tune into the voice of God and know the leading and directing more fully. Those times when I can drink in the sounds of nature, the aroma of my coffee mingled with a mountain stream clear my head and remind me of the priority of stillness and sabbath for a disciple.

As followers, we must create those sabbath-keeping rituals when God can renew our spirits, can speak into our souls, can lead us deeper into our understanding of the Kingdom and God’s word. Sabbath keeping is not only important to our souls, it is VITAL. The hurried soul quickly loses connection with God and God’s voice in our life. The hectic pace we keep pushes God aside, unsettles our spirit and disorients the peace that God would give.

If there is one piece of advice I could give disciples of Jesus, it is keep Sabbath. Find those times when you can be still and quiet in the presence of God. Create those holy moments of sacred space where you can clearly hear the voice of God and know the renewing work of God’s Holy Spirit. Coffee in the mountains might not be your thing, but create space for God to remind you that you are a beloved child of God. Make time for that renewing, reorienting, experience with God.

Anyway, that’s my meanderings for today!

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